10 Coin Terms to Remember

10 Coin Terms to Remember

When dealing with error coins and varieties it’s very important to understand everything you read.  There are several coin terms we use regularly that are only relevant when discussing numismatics.  So, it’s okay if you are not familiar with these coin terms at this moment; however, there is no time like the present to learn these semantics terms.  So, here are 10 coin terms to remember.

Coin Terms

1.Obverse- The front (a.k.a. heads) side of a coin or medal.  So a doubled die obverse is a coin that contains doubling on the obverse (or heads) side of the coin.

2. Reverse- The back (a.k.a. tails) side of a coin or medal.  A doubled die reverse coin is a coin with doubling on the back (a.k.a. tails) side of a coin.

3. DDO –  Abbreviation for doubled die obverse

4. DDR – Abbreviation for doubled die reverse

5. RPD – Abbreviation for re-punched date 

6. RPM – Abbreviation for re-punched mintmark

7. Doubled die – As in doubled die obverse or doubled die reverse.  A coin that was struck with a faulty die that contained a doubled image.  Since the die that struck the coin contained the doubled image, there will be most likely be more than one coin with this exact same error.  

8. Variety – An error coin that has duplicate copies of the same error.  A doubled die error coin would be considered a variety since there are most likely multiple error coins containing the exact same image. 

9. Proof –  A type of coin that is minted specially for collectors.  These coins are very well struck and have a reflective and shiny field (the field is the background or blank part of the coin) Proof coins usually have very sharp straight rims also.

10.  Rim – The rim of the coin is the very outer side of the coin.  This is different from the edge.  Look at the picture below to see the difference between the rim and the edge of a coin.  

End of Coin Terms

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