1793 Flowing Hair Chain Cent

1793 Flowing Hair Chain Cent

1793 flowing hair chain cent

The 1793 flowing hair chain cent will forever be remembered as America’s first.   This is a famous coin that every collector would love to own.  This is also one of the most valuable coins out there.  

In 1792, The United States Mint was established.  Before this time, money was not really a term used.  There were coins that many people used as money, but they were mostly spanish and english coins brought from overseas.  

In the states, we used things like furs and weapons as money.  Men traded supplies or really anything, for whatever they needed.  

The Mint was established in 1792 and after a little work, the first coins were produced. From February 7th to March 12th of 1793, there were 36,103 chain cents produced.  This was the first coin that the United States mass produced.  

The chain cent was very much criticized for a few reasons.  One of these reasons is because of the chain on the back.  For a country that recently broke away from the chains of another government, having a chain on the back of a coin was not a great choice.

Even though this coin was not popular with the public in the past, this is a favorite of many collectors today.  

Since this was the first coin mass produced for circulation, you can expect this coin to carry some value.  

Remember, this coin is a penny!  It’s face value is one cent.  But in MS-65 condition, this coin is worth 2.5 million dollars!  This grade is unheard of but there are many of these on ebay right now in much lower grades.  

Even in a low grade this coin sells for thousands of dollars!  So nest antique shop you are in, keep your eyes open for a 1793 flowing hair chain cent!

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