1922 No D Penny

1922 No D Penny

The 1922 No D Penny


1922 No D Penny



1922 has become a very popular year for the Lincoln Cent.  If you look online you will see prices for some 1922 Lincoln Cents reaching up well into thousands of dollars!  What makes the 1922 Penny so special?  Why is this penny valuable when it has no mint mark?  And how do you identify a true 1922 No D Penny? We will explore all these questions in this article.

If you go to eBay right now, you can find several 1922 pennies selling for thousands of dollars.  The most expensive of these is the 1922 “No D” Penny  which is also called the 1922 plain cent.  This just means the coin does not have a mint mark on it. 



What makes the 1922 No D Penny





Why is this coin valuable when there are millions of other coins that don’t have a mint mark?  Well, in 1922 all the Lincoln Cents (or pennies) that The United States Mint produced were minted at the Denver Mint location.  That’s right!  Every single penny from 1922 was made in Denver, Colorado!  Therefore, every penny that has 1922 on it, should have the D mint mark also!   

There have been several pennies found with no mint mark on them!  Most of the time this just means the penny was minted at the Philadelphia Mint location because they do not put a P mint mark on pennies.  But as we just learned, all pennies minted in 1922 were minted at the Denver location.  So this means there was an error!  Errors = Money!


How to Tell if You Have a Genuine 1922

No D Penny 


Since filing off a mint mark seems possible, we have to determine how to spot a fake 1922 no d penny.  This can be done by knowing the characteristics of the die pairs that were used.  

The Red Book says that there were 20 obverse dies prepared for coining the 1922 pennies, but it is not known if all 20 were used.  There are 4 die pairs that are recognized by the experts.  Those are:  

  • 1922 Penny with D Mint mark
  • 1922 Penny with weak mint mark
  • 1922 Penny without mint mark (strong reverse)
  • 1922 Penny without mint mark (weak reverse)


Check out all the pictures below to help you identify each of the die pairs used to mint the 1922 pennies.  



The 1922 Weak D Penny


1922 weak d mint mark




The 1922 No D Penny 1922 no d penny



The most valuable penny out of all the 1922 pennies is the 1922 No D Penny which is referred to as the “plain cent” or struck from die pair number 2.  This penny will have no mint mark because the mint mark was removed.  The obverse and reverse dies clashed together without a blank planchet in between them.  This error is called a die clash, however, the workers caught the error and substituted the reverse die with a new one.  The obverse die was polished and cleaned up but the mint mark was removed from over polishing.  This is why there is a strong reverse on the 1922 No D Penny.   

Remember, this 1922 No D penny came from an over used die, so there will be features of the 1922 No D penny that look weak.  If you see a 1922 No D Lincoln Cent that has strong characteristics on the front and back, it is probably a counterfeit!  The true 1922 no d penny will have weak lettering except for the word TRUST which is clearer than the rest of the motto.  The second 2 in 1922 will also be more legible than the first 2 of the date.  Knowing these facts will save you from purchasing a fake.


1922 no d penny reverse


The reverse side of the 1922 no d penny will be strong because the new reverse die was used with the old over polished obverse die.  Remember these facts when searching for a 1922 No D penny.  

Many 1922 pennies are worth money because of the date.  If you have any penny that is old and in great condition, you should get it certified because you could be looking at some money!  


Prices for the 1922 No D Penny



The 1922 No D penny is listed in The Red Book and The Cherrypickers’ Guide.  The Red Book gives it a value of $600 in G-4 condition!  That is a 4 out of 70 on the condition!  So you can imagine what the price for a MS-63 is … $20,000 

The Red Book also has these prices listed…. VG-8 = $750     F-12 = $1000   VF-20 = $1250    EF-40 = $2500    AU-50 = $4500     MS-60 BN = $10,000  and of course MS-63 = $20,000 


That’s a lot of money for one penny!  Make sure to check all your old coins for the 1922 No D Penny!


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