1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny

1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny

1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny


          (1983 Doubled Die Reverse Lincoln Cent)




1983 DDR Penny


For some reason, there are just not as many doubled die reverse pennies as there are doubled die obverse.  If you are unfamiliar with these terms, you should become a member of the website so that you can learn all about numismatics.  Go to the end of any page to find a register link!


The doubled die reverse error is often referred to as a DDR.  Obviously, this is short for doubled die reverse.  Out of all the doubled die reverse error coins I have ever owned, the 1983 doubled die reverse is my absolute favorite!


The 1983 Lincoln Cent (Penny)



If you are interested in searching for error coins, 1983 is a year to remember.  This is a great year to search for error coins within the Lincoln Cent or Penny collection.  In the Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins, there are 5 different errors listed with the year 1983!


There are several years where you won\t find one major die error.  So 5 major die errors listed on one year is amazing!  Think about it… this gives us the advantage!  There are more chances of us finding an error coin as long as we just remember this one year!  So let that sink into your head.  1983….. 1983…… 1983.


And I’m also going to give you a tip at the end of this post.  This little tip could turn you into a rich man or woman overnight!  This tip, (if executed correctly) is worth over $20,000!  


The 1983 Doubled Dies and Other Errors

As we said earlier there are 5 different 1983 error coins listed in the Cherrypickers’ Guide.   They are as follows:


The Doubled Die Obverse Errors for the 1983 Penny 


  • Doubled Die Obverse listed as FS-01-1983-101   ——    worth around $50
  • Doubled Die Obverse listed as FS-01-1983-102    ——    worth around $50  
  • Doubled Die Obverse listed as FS-01-1983-103   —– worth around  $50



The Other Mint Errors for the 1983 Penny 



  • Obverse Die Clash listed as FS-01-1983-401    ——- worth around $250 




The 1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny



This is one of  the most beautiful doubled die error coins you will ever come across in my opinion.  Many of the examples are a beautiful red color full of life.  The doubling on the coin is amazing.  Check out the pictures to see what I’m talking about!


1983 Doubled Die Reverse Details









As you can see the doubling on the reverse side of the coin is very dramatic.  In fact, it might be the most dramatic doubled die reverse error coin out there!  I can’t think of another penny that has stronger doubling on the reverse side.  



How to Find the 1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny



Of course the first step to finding any error coin is to gain the necessary knowledge.  You can accomplish this feat by becoming a member to Rich Off Error Coins!  So sign up now at the bottom of any page!  


The 1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny features doubling on every number and letter!  So look at each of the letters on the back or tails side of the coin.  If you see a doubled image, that’s a good.  You should see doubling on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, ONE CENT,  and FG (or the designer’s initials located at the bottom right of the Lincoln Memorial Building.  


With all this doubling, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot this coin.  I actually spotted one with the naked eye one time!  The doubling is that strong!  




Price of the 1983 Doubled Die Reverse Penny



You can expect to find this error in several different shops online.  It is a very popular error coin, however it is still always in demand.  There are not too many examples known today.  When you do find the 1983 DDR Penny, you should expect to bring in around $65 in AU-50 grade but you can actually bring in much more than that with a MS-65 example costing around $360!  The Red Book even has this variety listed at $1200 in MS-67 condition!  So if you find one of these…. make sure to take care of it!



Now I’m going to Share a Valuable Little Secret With You!



There are 5 major die errors listed in the Cherrypickers Guide with the year 1983.  Each is listed above……  But there is another error coin with the same year that is worth than all of the above mentioned error coins!  The most valuable 1983 error coin is the 1983 transitional error coin!  If you would like to know more about the transitional error coin, check out our post by clicking the link!


The 1983 transitional error coin can also be called the 1983 copper penny.  This is very similar (pretty much identical) to the famous 1943 copper penny error coin that is worth over 1.7 million dollars!  


A transitional error is an error that occurs because of a change in production at the Mint.  1983 was the first year of the new zinc planchet.  The zinc planchet replaced the 95% copper planchet that was used for the penny.  


Anytime there is a change at the Mint, you should watch for errors!  Humans make mistakes!  No one knows exactly why or how it happened, but many people speculate that a leftover copper planchet from the previous year was mixed in with the new zinc planchets.  A 95%copper planchet was struck with the date 1983.  This error is worth over $20,000!  So remember to keep that in mind!   



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