1992 Close AM Penny


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What is a 1992 Close AM Penny?

Over the years, the U.S. Mint has made several changes to the design of the Lincoln Cent. In 1993, they made some small changes to the obverse (or heads side) side of the penny to increase the sharpness of coins produced on the high-speed presses. They also made some changes to the reverse side of the coin.

The design changes to the reverse side of the penny are somewhat hard to spot without magnification. The Mint decided to change the position of the letters “A” and “M” in “AMERICA”. They also changed the designer’s initials (FG) a little too. So, why is this important? Anytime a coin has a design change, there is a possibility for a transitional error.

What is a Transitional Error Coin?

A transitional error can occur anytime there is a change to the coin’s metallic structure or design. When an erroneous coin is produced because of a change to the coin’s design, this is called a transitional error. These errors are usually extremely valuable because the United States Mint doesn’t make mistakes very often.

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The 1992 Close AM Penny:

The Error Coin that Shouldn’t Even Exist!

So what’s the big deal about the close am penny? Well, this coin shouldn’t even exist if you think about it! The design change happened in 1993. So how did a 1992 coin get stamped with a die from 1993? Maybe the coin traveled through time? Who knows…

Many people believe that the die with the close am design change was tested on some 1992 coins. Some also say that the dies simply got mixed up and the 1993 reverse die was paired with the 1992 obverse die, thus, accidently creating an extremely valuable error!

What Does The 1992 Close AM Penny Look Like?

The 1992 CAM Penny (Close AM for Short) is difficult to find without magnification. If you don’t have one yet, you should purchase a loupe (or small magnifying glass) from somewhere like eBay or Amazon. However, they are only a couple of bucks and necessary when searching for errors like this.

The A and M of AMERICA will almost look like they are touching on a close AM. But, the G of the designer’s initials features a straight vertical line. Check out the pictures below.

The Extremely Valuable 1992 Close AM Penny is pictured below… Look closely at the letters A and M of AMERICA

You can see why it is called a close AM. The A and M are practically touching. While on a regular 1992 penny, the A and M have a noticeable gap between them. Check out the rest of the pictures to see the difference.

This is what the FG looks like on the Valuable 1992 Close AM Penny.

You can easily see that the G of the FG has a straight vertical bar. The G curves like a C and then goes straight up to complete the G. The regular 1992 penny will have a flared G like the one pictured below.

This is a REGULAR 1992 Penny with the WIDE AM

This is NOT the Valuable Error Coin

Regular 1992 Penny = $0.01

Most 1992 Pennies will look like the picture above. You can easily see there is a gap between the letters A and M of AMERICA. The designer’s initials FG also have the flared vertical bar.

Value of the 1992 Close AM Penny

The 1992 close am pictured at the beginning of the article sold for $25,850. It currently holds the record for the highest price.

Here is the value of the 1992 Close AM from The Cherrypickers’ Guide:

MS-65 ———– $1000

MS-63 ———- $750

MS-60 ———— $500

MS-50 ————-$250

Rich Off Error Coins

Even though these are the prices listed, I believe the coin is much more valuable than how it is listed here. There are examples in RB and BN that have sold for over $5,000. So always keep your eyes out for any 1992 penny! There is a good chance that several of these coins are still out there waiting to be discovered.

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