1995-D Doubled Die Obverse Penny

1995-D Doubled Die Obverse Penny

1995-D Doubled Die Penny


1995 - D doubled die penny



1995…. What a year!  This year will forever be remembered in history for many reasons.  I want to start off remembering the hundreds of people who were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing.  May they rest in peace.  They will forever be remembered in our hearts.   This was the year eBay started their online auction website that so many people use today.  In 1995, JavaScript was first introduced and deployed online.  DVD technology was first announced to take the place of the VHS cassette tape.  Michael Jordan returned to the NBA from retirement… I could go on and on!  

In the numismatic world, 1995 is the for the doubled die.  The United States Mint began using the single hub technique in the late 1990’s.  This meant that all dies would be struck once, which was supposed to eliminate the doubled die error.  It wasn’t fully successful because there have been doubled die errors found since.  However, there have not been any found with doubling as dramatic as on the 1995-P and 1995-D doubled die pennies.  The 1995 doubled die penny was the last of it’s kind. 

The 1995 doubled die penny is very plentiful.  Examples are found everywhere all over the United States.  The Philadelphia minted coin is a great doubled die example to own if you are just starting out because it is easily found and also easily affordable if you prefer to purchase one.  However, the 1995-D doubled die penny is the topic today.  This coin is not as easily accessible and always in demand, therefore it is valuable to many collectors.


The 1995-D doubled die penny is also identified as FS-01-1995D-103.  This penny is pretty rare.  The Cherrypickers’ Guide has it listed as a URS-7 on the Bower’s Universal Rarity Scale meaning there are only 33-64 known examples!  However, this number might have changed because there are probably many other examples out there!  



The Cherrypickers’ Guide also has this coin with a price range of $175 to $500!  In AU-50 the 1995-D doubled die penny is worth $175.  MS-60 it carries a price of $250 and MS-63 the doubled die will cost $350. Then if you find the 1995-D doubled die penny in MS-65 condition, you are looking to bring in at least $500!  $500 for a single penny!  That’s a good day!


How to tell if you have the 1995-D doubled die penny


This beautiful doubled die has dramatic doubling on the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.  So start off looking for the doubling there.  This coin also contains doubling on the date, the mintmark and the word LIBERTY!  So almost all the lettering and numbering on the obverse side of the coin (front side) is doubled!  Check out the pictures below for an up close view of the doubling.  


1995-D doubled die penny date



As you can see the date and the mintmark are doubled.  The doubling on this coin is classified as a Class V doubled die.  This type of doubling is called Pivoted Hub doubling.  There was a pivot point when the doubling occurred which is why the doubling is not so strong at the pivot point near the date and then very strong around the rim of the coin.  Read more about the different classes of doubled dies here on  

1995-D doubled die obverse penny motto


1995-D doubled die motto trust


If you match the doubling on your coin to the doubling in the pictures, this means you have the correct coin!  This coin will bring you hundreds of dollars in almost any condition if found!  Remember to look at the motto ” IN GOD WE TRUST”  for the most extreme doubling.  If you find this coin, you will be well on your way to getting rich off error coins!  

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