1998 Wide AM Penny

1998 Wide AM Penny

The 1998 Wide AM Penny


1998 wide am



The 1998 Wide AM Penny is an error coin that can definitely still be found today out there in circulation.  I know this for sure because I have found 2 in the last year.  This is another transitional error coin, just like the 1999 and 2000.   Make sure to keep your eyes open for all 3 years when searching for the 1998 Wide AM Penny.


A transitional error coin is an error that occurs when there is a change at the Mint.  The change can be in the coin’s design, metal composition, or really any change at all.  Always remember this because it can prove to be extremely valuable information in the future!


History of The 1998 Wide AM Penny 


1998 wide am

Check out the page on the 1999 Wide AM for more information about correctly distinguishing between the Wide AM and Close AM varieties.  You can also see the information we have on the 1992 Close AM Penny.  Once you can tell the difference between the two, you should start searching because there are still plenty of these coins out there!  


In case you wanted to know how this coin came into existence, here is the story…


For some unknown reason, some of the wrong die pairs were matched up to mint these coins.  There were a number of business strike coins that were minted using the proof style reverse dies.  The proof dies feature a wide gap between the A and M of the word AMERICA on the reverse side of each coin.  The business strikes were all supposed to have a close AM from the years 1993-2008.  This change in the design of the coin led to a transitional error.


So all the way up to 1992 the Lincoln Cents are supposed to be a Wide AM style reverse.  So if you find a 1992 or earlier with a Close AM style reverse, you could be raking in some cash.  


You should also look for 1993-2008 coins to have the transitional error.  These coins are supposed to feature the Close AM style on on business strikes.  So keep an eye open for a Wide AM on any of these coins. 


To this day, there have only been Wide AM pennies found for the years 1998, 1999, and 2000.  There has been rumor of a 1996 found, but there hasn’t been one graded yet.  The Close AM Variety has appeared on 1992 business strike coins, but these are extremely rare!  One of these sold on eBay for over $24,000!


Just as there are errors with the business strike coins, there have been proof coins found with the same error.  The only proof coins found so far have been the 1998-S proof and the 1999-S proof.  Since the Wide AM die was supposed to be used on proof coins, you should keep a look for the Close AM style reverse to show up on 1998-S Proofs and 1999-S Proof Lincoln Cents. 



Value of the 1998 Close AM Penny 

and other varieties


As with any error coin, the value depends on the condition the coin is in.  The 1998 Wide AM Penny in About Uncirculated condition or AU-50 will bring $20 , MS-60 = $25 , MS-63 =$35 and MS-65 will bring $50.  These are the prices in my Cherrypickers Guide.  However, on eBay, some of these coins bring thousands of dollars if they are in Mint condition.  So try to find the varieties in the best conditions. 


Also look for these coins…


  • 1999 Wide AM = $350 in MS-65 condition
  • 1999-S Proof Close AM = $850 in PF-67 condition 
  • 2000 Wide AM = $50 in MS-65 condition
  • 2000-S Proof Close AM  =  $850 in PF-67 condition
  • 1992 Close AM (business strike not proof) = $24,000 in MS-65


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