1999 Wide AM Penny

1999 Wide AM Penny 



The Lincoln Memorial Cent







1999 wide am




The Lincoln Memorial cent is one of my absolute favorite coins.  This is a favorite coin of many other numismatists also.  The reason that I love this coin so much is it’s size.  The penny is such a small little coin in value as well as actual size.  However, the 1999 wide am penny is such a large penny in value.  The 1999 wide am penny is valued at anywhere from $150 to $350 in my copy of The Cherrypickers’ Guide (my copy is a little old) 




I decided to go ahead and look the value of this coin up on eBay.  You can view my search results for the 1999 wide am penny right here! What I learned was this coin actually sells for much more than the price I found in my price guide.  There are coins like this on eBay right now selling for over $2000!


Now that you have the necessary knowledge needed to find the wide am penny, you will need to move on to step two of the money making process…. looking through change!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                How to Find a 1999 Wide AM Penny…

If you actually want to be successful in the error coin business, you will have to dedicate precious time and money to this new hobby.  I do consider this to be a hobby because I love error coins!  So, it doesn’t bother me to spend hours on hours looking through spare change!  Sounds crazy to many….. but I absolutely love to search for error coins!



If you do not like searching through change, you should move on to something else besides error coins, because you are going to have to search!  That is, unless you would prefer to just purchase every error you have interest in! 



My point here is this…. You must spend time looking through change buckets, piggy banks and every other source of change you can find!  You must take a few dollars every week and purchase some rolled pennies to search through.  You should try to get your hands (or gloves) on every piece of loose change you can find! 


So, the only way to find this coin is to look through lots of change!  This is true with all other error coins too!                                                                                                                                                                                 



     All About the 1999 Wide AM Penny   

The 1999 Wide AM Penny also known as the 1999 WAM Lincoln Memorial Cent is an error coin value by many collectors. In the few years that I have been interested in coins, I have only found 1 of these errors.  So, these errors are pretty rare!  But what is it that makes this coin so special?


The 1999 Wide AM Lincoln Memorial Cent is referred to as a transitional error.  A transitional error coin can be created in many different circumstances.   The transitional error occurs during a time when the Mint is making changes to the coin’s minting process. 


Many times the transitional error is produced because of the fact that a human is in control of the Minting process.  Humans make mistakes!  

The 1943 copper penny and the 1944 steel cent are two transitional error coins that receive plenty of publicity today.  These transitional error coins are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!  Transitional error coins can put big money in your pocket if you know to look for them!  Learning these errors is the only way to know what you should look for!

So, if the Mint decided to change the metal composition of the Lincoln Cent again as they did to  back in 1982, there would then be a chance for a transitional error to occur!                                                                                                             


The 1999 Wide AM Penny is shown in close detail below!  View the difference between the Wide AM and the Close AM pennies!  Once you can differentiate between the two different variety types, you will be well on your way to getting rich off error coins!


wide AM



1999 wide am penny                                                      




If you view the designer’s initials in relation to the Memorial Building, you can see the difference between the Wide AM and Close AM!


wide AM draw





The Next Photo’s Are Going to Show a


Close AM Variety!




Do Not Get these two Confused!!





1992 Close AM




close AM




Remember to view the FG in relation to the base of the Memorial Building!


close AM




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