A Live Error Coin… it’s Alive!

A Live Error Coin… it’s Alive!

Here at Rich Off Error Coins, we usually don’t discuss subjects like the paranormal…. but I can’t quit thinking about this!  It’s a live error coin! I mean it’s alive!

So, yesterday, I was searching through rolls of coins like any other day.  I found a quarter that looked doubled, so I put it on my Merlin magnifier to get a closer look.  

That’s when it happened!

My Quarter came alive!  Seriously! 

I immediately grabbed my phone and started recording.  You have to see the video!   It still brings chills down my spine!

A Live Error Coin

Click the picture of the Quarter to see what happened! 

This video has not been edited in any way at all!  Make the video full screen and look at George Washington’s eyes!  He is alive!

That’s what you call a live error coin!  It’s alive!

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