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Books for Coin Collectors: The Cherrypickers’ Guide

books for coin collectors

Books for Coin Collectors

Welcome to Rich Off Error Coins! Here you can learn ways to turn your spare change into thousands of dollars! The trick to this is… you have to know which change is valuable, and which is not. This article will explain how you can determine the value of your coins with only a couple of books. These books for coin collectors are necessary if you want to get rich from your coins!

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Why Do You Have to Purchase These Books?

It is possible to get by without the books if you have internet access and a lot of time on your hands, but I don’t recommend this. It is much easier to purchase the books and have the correct information directly at your fingertips. If you rely on the internet only, there is a chance you could find yourself on a page containing misinformation.

The books are cheap enough if you look in the right places. You can buy a used copy of an older edition for less than it costs to order a couple of pizzas.

These books are worth the investment since they can potentially lead to you finding a coin worth more than your mortgage. So if you are serious about the coin-collecting hobby, shop around on the links below and purchase each of these books. You will not regret the decision!

Books for Coin Collectors

There are only a few books you need when searching for error coins; however, the more knowledge you have, the better off you are. Therefore, I recommend buying as many books as you can read on the subject.

There are many books out there dealing with numismatics, however, there are two main books that pretty much every coin store will use as a reference guide. Owning these two books is important because the information in them is accepted as facts among all coin collectors. If you find one of the errors in these books, you can sell that coin anywhere!

Coin Collecting Book #1

The Cherrypickers’ Guide To Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins: Volumes 1 and 2

The Cherrypickers’ Guide is the absolute best book for coin collectors! It doesn’t matter if you are new to coin collecting or an expert numismatist, this book has great information for everyone! There are two volumes available, each having different types of coins, so make sure you purchase the correct volume! Or, if you are like me, you will just buy them both!

Volume 1

Inside Volume 1, you will find information on:


Half Cents, Large Cents, Flying Eagle Cents, Indian Head Cents, and Lincoln Cents

Two and Three Cent Pieces

Two-cent pieces, Silver Three-Cent Pieces, Nickel Three-Cent Pieces


Shield Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, and Jefferson Nickels

Each of the currencies listed above has a section. In each section, there are pages and pages of information about valuable coins you can find in circulation. Each coin has extremely detailed information about that specific variety (or error coin) including a picture of the exact error. The book shows the picture of the error, tells you which features are the most prominent to look for, and gives the different listing numbers, the coin’s rarity, and of course, its value. There are four different values for each coin depending on its condition too.

The book has half cents and cents from the late 1700s to the Lincoln Cents. The newest listed variety is the 2014 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die (FS-01-2014-101). There are several two and three-cent pieces from the 1800’s. The 5-cent nickels start with the Shield Nickels (1866-1883) and go all the way to Jefferson Nickels. The newest Jefferson Nickel listed are the 2004-P (Peace) and 2005-P (American Bison) Doubled Dies.

Volume 1 also contains great numismatic information such as how values are determined, coin-collecting abbreviations, The Fivaz-Stanton Numbering System as well as other numbering systems, and even information like the average life of a die. Besides this, there are appendices A – I that have valuable information you can’t find anywhere else!

The book has some great information on doubled dies and the other forms of doubling. There is even a practice test to make sure you understand the information!

Volume 2

Volume 2 is just like the previous volume except it contains dimes and quarters.

books for coin collecting the cherrypickers guide to rare die varieties of united states coins volume 2 6th edition

Inside this book you will find listings for:


Capped Bust Half Dimes, Liberty Seated Half Dimes, Capped Bust Dimes, Liberty Seated Dimes, Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes.


Twenty-Cent Pieces (which are not a quarter, but it was easier to list them here)

Capped Bust Quarters, Liberty Seated Quarters, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, and Washington Quarters.

You can buy these books at many different sites and stores, but the best prices I have found were on eBay. Volume 1 of the 6th edition is difficult to find at a cheap price because there were not many of these books made. Volume 2 however can still be purchased from the publisher’s website for a great price. Whitman Publishing is a great site to order from since they also have coin-collecting supplies.

We plan on updating this post very soon with another must-have book! So be sure to check back!

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