Class 5 Doubled Die Errors

Class 5 Doubled Die Errors

Class 5 Doubled Die Errors




Class 5 doubled die errors….  We switched it up on ya!  Was Roman numerals…… now it’s just basic digits!  What will we think of next?  !!!!   


I’m sorry!  Just having some fun.   The change from roman numeral IV to the digit 5 was for technical reasons, so don’t think too far into it!   


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As many of you already know, a doubled die error coin is a type of error that everyone wants to find.  These little misfit coins can carry a big value!   So finding the right doubled die error could possibly make you hundreds of thousands of dollars!


The only way to find these doubled die errors, is to look for them.  You can’t look for something that you don’t know about… therefore, the only way to find these error coins is to educate yourself! 


If you understand how the doubled die error is made, it is much easier to find a true doubled die, because you know what to look for!  And it is definitely much easier to differentiate between the doubled die error and worthless doubling.  


Class 5 Doubled Die Errors or Pivoted Hub Doubling 



Each doubled die error falls into one of 8 categories.  Each category is also referred to as a class.  The name of the class basically tells how the doubling occurred.  

Class 5 doubled die errors are aslo called pivoted hub doubling.  This type of doubling is exactly what it sounds like…. the doubling happens because of hub/die moving or pivoting.  

The pivot point will always be somewhere near the rim of the coin with class 5 doubled die errors.  And as we know, the doubling on the coin will be least dramatic at the pivot point.   So the most extreme doubling will be directly across from the pivot point.  


Examples of Class 5 Doubled Die Errors




1995 class 5 doubled die errors



One of the best known examples of class 5 doubling would have to be the 1995 Lincoln Memorial Cent Doubled Die Obverse.  


As you can see, the pivot point was at about the 4:00 position.  So the date, which is close to 4:00, shows the least amount of doubling.  


Now look to the opposite side.  The letters IN  and the word LIBERTY experience the most extreme doubling.  


Study the pictures of the 1995 doubled die error and memorize the doubling.  Studying this will only help you along the way.  I advise you to learn everything you can on the subject of numismatics if you are looking to profit from error coins.  








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