Class 6 Doubled Die Errors

Class 6 Doubled Die Errors

Class 6 Doubled Die Errors


(Distended Hub Doubling)


As you are learning in this section, there are 8 different types of doubled die error coins that can be found.  Each of these errors fall into one of eight classes that we call “The 8 Classes of Doubled Die Error Coins” Today we will examine the sixth class which is called, “Distended Hub Doubling” or class 6 doubled die errors.


Out of all 8 types of doubled die error coins, this one is much different.  All the other classes of doubled die error coins have what we call separation lines.  

Check out the pictures below and you will notice clear “separation lines” on the part of the coin that is doubled.  This is just a line that forms from laying a letter on top of another letter, or a number on top of another number.  



1955 doubled die penny


      1958 doubled die obverse


class II doubled die error 1960 overdate class III doubled die error



You can clearly see the separation lines that have formed between the two images on the coin.  Such as a 0 on top of a 0 or a B on top of a B and so on.  These are separation lines and all doubled die error coins have them…. except for the class 6 doubled die errors!



How to Find Class 6 Doubled Die Errors 


If you have never heard of a doubled die error, check out my page on the doubled die error coin which you can find by following this link. After that, you can start learning the different classes of doubling that can occur.  Knowing this information will greatly help you along your path to getting rich off error coins. 


There are many different doubled die coins out there.  Each one is a little different.  (Each doubled die not each coin)  The reason for this is each doubled die is made a certain way.  Each of these different ways the doubling occurs is called a class.  


Class 6 doubled die errors are also known as “Distended Hub Doubling.”  Out of all the different classes of doubling, this type is known least about.  We actually don’t know much at all about it!  It is the only class of doubled die that we do not know how it occurs.  


Class 6 doubling, or distended hub doubling is much different than the rest of classes of doubled die errors.  One of the main things that stands out about class 6 doubling is the appearance of the doubled image.  Usually there are 2 distinct images separated by a line.  .  These 2 images are called the relief and secondary images. You can see the two images clearly. However, with class 6 doubled die errors, the two images are blended together.  This gives the image a thick appearance. 


So how do we find these class 6 doubled die error coins?  Remember to look for thick or fat images!  It’s that easy!  Most the time, there will be no separation lines between the two images… giving the appearance of one large image… this is distended hub doubling!


So remember, these doubled die errors are going to look thick.  Check out this 1943 doubled die error coin that features class 6 doubling on the obverse.

class 6 doubled die error coin


Notice how the date is very thick.  The 9 is especially thick at the bottom.  This is class 6 doubling.


Another example of the class 6 doubled die errors would be the 2016 doubled die Lincoln Cent.  Notice the date on this coin.  The numbers are very thick  compared to that of a regular 2016 Lincoln Cent.   

This is a regular 2006 penny

regular 2006


Now check out the 2006 Doubled Die Error Coin featuring Class 6 Doubling 





So if you are ready to start finding some class 6 doubled die error coins, always remember…… look for fat or thick images.



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