Class III Doubled Die Error

Class III Doubled Die Error

The doubled die error is sometimes a tricky error to detect.  Many people confuse worthless doubling like mechanical doubling with the doubled die error.  Learning everything you can about the doubled die error will definitely help you to find more error coins.  Now, let’s discuss the class III doubled die error…. design hub doubling.

Class III Doubled Die Error : Design Hub Doubling

The 3rd class of doubled die errors is called design hub doubling.  This is kind of similar to the 2nd class of doubling, but a little different.  This error happens when 2 different hubs are used to make a die.  The 2 different hubs will have 2 different designs.  

Anytime you hear of an overdate error, this is most likely a class III doubled die error.  It could happen when a hub with a small date is first used to make a die, then after the annealing process, a different hub with a large date is used to strike the die.  This would be a large date over small date error; therefore, it would also be a class III doubled die error coin.

class II doubled die error 1960 overdate class III doubled die error

Class III Doubled Die Error Coins to Look For

Some of the most famous error coins in the class of doubled die errors are Lincoln Cents, such as the 1960 D Lincoln Cent or the 1970 S Lincoln Cent.  

You must make sure there were 2 different designs for that year before you can label a coin with class III doubling.  In 1960 there were small date varieties and large date varieties.  Because of this, you will find several 1960 Lincoln Cents that have class III doubling.  Some have the large date over small date doubling.  But the most famous is the 1960 D small date over large date variety.  

One reason this 1960 D is the most famous is the drastic doubling seen on the coin.  Anytime there is doubling that drastic on a coin, you can be sure the coin will have some value.  Most the time a coin with very dramatic doubling will be very expensive.

If you notice the pictures above, you can plainly see where there were 2 different designs used.   There was a large date used first, then a smaller date (and lettering) used on top of the first hubbing.  

Understanding the different classes of doubled die errors will definitely help you on your quest to get rich off error coins!  Check back with us daily for more great information on error coins!

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