Class IV Doubled Die Errors

class IV doubled die errors
1983 penny with class IV doubled die error

You should know that the doubled die error is a very important error when searching for valuable error coins.  The doubled die error is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood errors out there.  It is very important to understand every aspect of the doubled die error, that way you have the nessecary knowledge to find valuable error coins!  Let’s discuss the class IV doubled die errors.  

Class IV Doubled Die Errors: Offset Hub Doubling

The fourth class of doubled die is called “offset hub doubling”.  Like many other doubled die errors, this class get’s it’s name from the way the doubling occurs.  

The class IV doubled die error is another class of doubling that we will not see again.  This doubling only occurred during the multiple squeeze erra (when the hub and die had to make contact multiple times before the image on the die was correct).  

During the hubbings, the annealing (heat treating) process is used to help the image sink into the metal die better.  So in between hubbings, the metal die is heated.  When it returns to the hubbing press, this is where the error occurs.  

The hub and die are misaligned and this leaves a doubled image.  In the past, this error occurred frequently.   However, The Mint has taken measures to make sure this type of doubling will never occur again. 

All the hubs and dies have notches so that they correctly line up during hubbings.  Besides that, now days we only use one hubbing.  So there is no chance for a second hubbing and thus a second image on the die.  

Understanding the class IV doubled die error is another way that you can help yourself to find more error coins!  

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