Error Coin Values

Error Coin Values

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Error Coin Values

Since the goal here is to get rich off error coins, error coin values are very important!  You don’t want to spend 1 year searching for a $50 error coin.  But if you spent that same year searching for an error that had a value of 1 million dollars… that might be worth your while!

One of my absolute favorite websites to browse on is PCGS.  They keep all their information updated regularly, so the coin values you see on their website are going to be pretty accurate.  Go check out the prices of your coins at PCGS!

It doesn’t even matter what type of coin you have!  You can have an old coin or a new one…. PCGS will have a price!  But remember, the final sale price is always up to the owner.  Price guides can’t add value for important factors such as sentiment and history.  

Check out these prices on Copper Coins such as the Lincoln Cent and the other 1 cent coins such as the highly collectable 1793 Flowing Hair Chain Cent!

error coin values

Error Coin Values Fluctuate

It is important to remember that coin values will always fluctuate.  The prices will go up and down depending on several factors.  The stock market plays a big part in their values because of gold and silver prices.  

Other factors that can affect a coins value would be the condition, the year, the mint mark, etc.  Always remember the basic laws of supply and demand.  If there are many people wanting the coin, but there are not many coins… you can bet the value will be up.

In conclusion, when you want to get rich off error coins, you have to understand coin values.  Don’t just take someone’s word for it.  Study the coin, research everywhere!  Use sites like PCGS or eBay to help determine a starting point on the coin’s value.  

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