Error Coins

Error Coins

Error Coins

Penny on a dime error double denomination



What is an error coin and why is it important?  Well, an error coin is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a coin that contains a defect.  This irregularity can come in many shapes and forms.  Just remember that an error coin is special because it is different from the other coins.  


Many error coins are worth much more than face value!


That’s why we love these little faulty coins!  Error coins bring big bucks!  Did you know that a 1992 close AM variety can sold for $24,056.63? That’s right!  A penny sold for over twenty-four thousand dollars!  This happened on July 30, 2012 on eBay!  You can view the actual auction yourself right here!


That’s not a freak occurrence like you may think!  These faulty coins sell for thousands every day!  These coins are rare and hard to find, but if you know what to look for you have a chance!


Check out this 1991 S Lincoln Cent that is for sale on eBay right now for $250,000.00! 





Now you know what an error coin is and why they are important!



Error coins carry value!  The more popular it is, the more value it potentially has.  However, not every error coin is valuable!  To be able to find these error coins you must first know every detail about them.  To understand error coins, you must first understand the minting process. 


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