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If you are a fellow error coin collector and you stay in the game for a few years, chances are you will find that one friend that always says he has an error coin….. only to find out that he is just holding a coin with PMD (or post mint damage).  This is a good way to help anyone remember which errors are valuable and which are just trash..(and  by trash, I mean face value…. so don’t actually throw it away!)  Mint Made Error Coins were made at the US (or whatever country) Mint. It’s that easy!


Mint Made Error Coins are errors that occur during the minting process.  When the error occurred is very critical to understanding error coins and therefore finding them and profiting from their value.  You must inspect the coin very closely to find out when the error occurred.  Once you read through this website and learn about all the different types of  Mint Made Errors, you will have a better understanding of error coins in general and you will pick up coin finding skills along the way.  


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What Are Mint Made Error Coins?


The majority of people have never heard of a mint made error coin, so if you don’t know, it’s okay.  Learning this will put you ahead of the gang!  

A mint made error coin is just a coin that contains an error somewhere on it.  The thing to remember here is that the error must have occurred at the time the coin was minted.  Meaning the U.S. Mint or whatever mint the coin was made at, put the error on the coin.

These coins are very rare because places like the U.S. Mint take pride in their work.  When they produce an error coin, this means they messed up somewhere.  

Producing a mint made error coin is bad for the U.S. Mint, however; this is actually a very good thing for coin collectors!  Some of these little mistakes can actually sell for millions of dollars!  That’s right….. I said MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!


1943 copper penny mint made error coins



Take the 1943 D copper penny for example.  This little misfit coin sold for 1.7 million dollars because it is the only known example of this type of error.  There have been a few more 1943 copper pennies found with the S mint mark and without a mint mark (meaning it was struck in Philadelphia, since Philadelphia doesn’t use a P mint mark on pennies), however; this is the only known example of a 1943 copper penny with the D (or Denver) mint mark.  

Read more about the 1943 copper penny here at Rich Off Error Coins.  You can find out exactly what makes these coins so special.  Remember to register for a free membership by clicking the register link!


Mint Made Error Coins To Look For In Pocket Change



Stop and think about the coin we just talked about.  It was minted in 1943 but wasn’t discovered as an error coin until 1979!  During those 36 years, how many hands do you think this coin went through?  How many people used this coin as face value to purchase their groceries or other items?  


Now think about all the change you have ever touched in your lifetime…. I bet there is a possibility that you have let an expensive error coin slip through your fingers without looking noticing it!  Now that you know this…. don’t let it happen again!  You might be wondering… “How do I keep this from happening again?”  All you have to do is register for a free membership to Rich Off Error Coins and stay up to date with all the information we produce and you will have a much better chance of spotting that million dollar coin!


There are so many different types of error coins out there, you will be amazed to find out about each one! Many of these errors can add thousands of dollars to the value of the coin!  


Some of these error coins I speak of are very easy to spot, such as the wrong planchet error coin.  But, some of these error coins are extremely difficult to find, even  for the experienced error coin collector!  Either way, the only way you will ever find any of these error coins is through knowledge!  If you have never read about the 1922 no D penny worth over $28,000…. how do you expect to find it?  You can’t!  You have to know about the coin in order to find it!  So stay up to date with all our material and you will better your chances of finding one of these rare mint made error coins!


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