Silver Scent (Silver Cent)

Silver Scent (Silver Cent)

silver scent
Just in case you were wondering… silver scent is actually spelled silver cent.  But the term silver scent is searched over 40 thousand times every month!  So I had to use that to my advantage.  So everywhere you see the term silver scent… please remember that the correct spelling is actually silver cent.  Now let’s find out how to get rich off error coins! In 1943 the United States Mint stopped producing copper pennies because copper was needed for the war.  Small arms (hand guns) ammunition was made with bronze (95% copper 5% zinc).  Since we needed copper for bullet shells, wiring on ships and planes, and many other reasons, the penny’s composition was changed. The Mint changed the penny’s composition from copper (95%copper 5% zinc and tin) to steel coated in zinc.  The zinc was to keep the steel from rusting. However, the coins still rusted because of a flaw in the way they were produced. The Mint employees painted a coating of zinc over the metal before they punched out the blank planchets.  This left the sides of the coin unprotected from rusting.  The coins all eventually rusted and turned black from oxidization.   So if you ever find a 1943 steel penny (a.k.a silver scent) that is in excellent condition, hold on to it because there are not many of them left! There are many different error coins to look for from this time period.  The two big ones are the 1943 copper penny and the 1944 steel penny.  These are both called “struck on wrong planchet errors” or “off metal errors” and these types of error coins can get expensive. There have been a few of the 1943 copper pennies found and certified.  One example sold for $1.7 million dollars making it the most expensive penny in history.  Another one sold for over $80,000.  These errors can also be listed as transitional error coins because the error occurred from a transition or change that took place at the Mint. The other famous error coin during this time period is the 1944 steel cent.  It too is a “struck on wrong planchet error” or “off metal error” and these usually carry a large price tag.  The website gives this coin an estimated value of between $77234 – $110,334. Besides these famous off metal coins, there are other error coins that can be found, such as the 1944 silver cent (for SEO purposes I will also include the term silver scent). I am not referring to the aforementioned 1944 steel cent, even though these two coins are similar in appearance.  The 1944 silver cent (a.k.a silver scent) is actually made from silver. Since the 10 cent coin (the dime) was made from silver during this time period, it is fair to assume that a silver blank intended for a dime was accidentally used instead of the copper blank.

How to tell if you have a Silver Cent (Silver Scent)

It is actually very easy to determine if you have a silver cent (silver scent) in your possession.  The first thing you will want to do is look at the color.  If the color of the coin is grey or silver, you might have a silver penny. Now you just have to make sure that the silver penny is not a steel penny.  The easiest way to do this is with a magnet.  If a magnet will pick up the coin, you definitely have a steel cent.  But neither silver or copper will be affected by a magnet.  Thankfully we can judge the difference between these two by looking at their color.

Value of the Silver Cent (a.k.a Silver Scent)

The silver cent can have many different values.  There is not one set value for an error like this because you can find this error on multiple dates!  Just know that if you find one of these error coins, you will have thousands of dollars at the least! You can actually find this error with almost any year on the coin.  Up untill 1965, the dime was made from silver.  Because of this you will find pennies struck on dime planchets made from silver.  There have even been some coins with dates after 1965 found struck on silver planchets. Humans make mistakes.  It’s that simple.  We are not perfect and everyone has that bad day at work when you are not paying as close attention as you should.  The people who work at the Mint are HUMAN also!  This is how error coins like these occur! Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more information on error coins!  Register for a free membership to gain access to the forum pages where you can upload pictures of your own error coins.  All registered members are eligible to receive a free gift of their choice from the free gifts page! 

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