The 1980 Lincoln Memorial Cent

The 1980 Lincoln Memorial Cent

The 1980 Lincoln Memorial






The year was 1980.  Mt. St. Helen’s was about to erupt and so would the public when they hear of the assassination of John Lennon.  1980 was also the year in which a new type of music was beginning to form… Rap. 

1980 was the year that Ronald Reagan was elected President of The United States of America.  The 80’s were a memorable decade.  This is also true in the numismatic world. 

Gold and Silver were reaching a peak around this time.  Gold hit $873/oz and Silver was $49.50/oz.  These prices went downhill.  The market crashed and many people were worried about their futures. 

The Mint also announced that all one cent coins minted in Philadelphia, West Point, and San Francisco would bear no mint-mark.  The Denver minted coins would keep their D mint-mark, but all the other mint-marks were to be withheld from coinage.   However, this plan did not come to pass.  

The 1980 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die

Error Coin



The Lincoln Cent had a great year for errors in 1980.  The 1980 Lincoln Cent doubled die error coin is one of the most beautiful doubled die error coins you will find in the whole Lincoln Cent collection!  The way in which the doubling appears on the number 8 is amazing.  The 1980 Lincoln Cent doubled die error is a favorite for many collectors.

This beautiful little doubled die error coin is listed in the Red Book and The Cherrypickers’ Guide.  Each of these famous books shows a price of around $360 in MS-65 condition!  I don’t know about you but any day that I can sell a penny for $360 is a great day!

The Fivaz-Stanton identification for this coin is FS-01-1980-101.  It can also be identified by CONECA 1980 DDO-001


How to Tell if you Have The 1980 Lincoln Cent

Doubled Die Error Coin



Because this type of error is a doubled die error, your coin must match the coin in the picture.  These coins will be identical because they were minted from the same working die.  The working die contained a doubled image.  Read more about the doubled die error coin to gain knowledge in this area.


1980 doubled die error coin


If you are lucky enough to have found this beautiful little error coin, you will be looking to cash in at $225 in MS-63 condition and $360 in MS-65 condition.  However, like we said earlier, your coin must match the doubling in the photos EXACTLY!  If there is any little difference in the two, then you are not looking at the right coin.  

Check out the doubling on the word LIBERTY in the picture below.

1980 doubled die error coin


This coin is easy to spot because of the doubling on the date and the word LIBERTY.  Make sure to look through every change jar at your house because there are probably still many of these errors out there!  

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