The 1995 Doubled Die Penny

The 1995 Doubled Die Penny

The 1995 Doubled Die


1995 doubled die penny   The 1995 doubled die penny is one of my favorite doubled die pennies to look for.  There are actually 2 pennies to look for from this year.  There was one doubled die obverse that was minted in Philadelphia and there was also a doubled die obverse coin minted in Denver.  The 1995 Philadelphia minted coin will have no mint mark on it, while the Denver minted coin will have the D mint mark.    Today we will be discussing the 1995 doubled die penny (which will have no mint mark).   The 1995 doubled die penny is very special for several reasons.  First off, the doubling on this coin is very dramatic.  Look at the picture below and you can see how dramatic the doubling is.  This coin has the most dramatic doubling out of any known doubled die from 1995 till present day (2018)!      1995 doubled die penny dramatic doubling   As you can see, the doubling is so strong on this coin, it can be seen with the naked eye!  This coin is a must have for all Lincoln Cent collectors.  There were a great number of these minted, so it’s actually pretty easy to find one!  So always keep this in mind when searching through coins!   Another reason this is a must have for collectors is this coin’s history.  This 1995 doubled die penny is the last coin of it’s kind!  Seriously!  The United States Mint began using a different technique to make the dies.  This new (single hub) technique was supposed to eliminate all doubled dies because it changed the minting process to where all dies would only be struck once.  This did not eliminate all doubled die coins, but it did help to create less doubled dies.  The 1995 doubled die error coin that was minted with the old technique where the die was struck multiple times to get the image fully imprinted.    The 1995 doubled die penny can be found almost anywhere in America.  The Fivaz-Stanton identification for this coin is FS-01-1995-101.  There have been over 18,000 of these certified with an average condition of MS-67.  So these are pretty easy to find in excellent condition.  You can expect to receive around $35 for one of these in MS-63 condition, while an MS-67 could easily put around $200 in your pocket!  As easy as these are to find, you should always have your eye out for these!   Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great information.  You can register for a free account to gain access to valuable information you can’t find anywhere else!  All registered members can receive a free gift of their choice by going to the free gifts page!  Go to the forum pages to ask questions about your coins!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!  Welcome to our family!

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