The 8 Doubled Die Classes

The 8 Doubled Die Classes



The doubled die error coin is one of my favorite errors.  This error can be such a beautiful mistake.  Take the 1969-S doubled die error coin for instance.  This beautiful little coin has tremendous value to almost every coin collector around the world.  A 1969-S doubled die error coin can sell for over $150,000!  All this money for one single penny! Not just any penny though… it’s a doubled die penny!  Therefore, it seems important to learn every aspect about the doubled die error coin.  To understand the doubled die error, we must understand how the error happens.  To know this, we must discuss the 8 different doubled die classes.

There are 8 different classes to represent the different forms of doubling that can be found on a coin.  We are only talking about doubled die error coins, don’t confuse this with other forms of doubling such as strike doubling or die fatigue.  Both strike doubling and die fatigue can look similar to the doubled die for many beginners, yet only the doubled die error is valuable.  You must learn the difference between them all so that you can make money from error coins.  Check out this page on the doubled die error coin!


After you know the difference between non valuable doubling and valuable doubling, you are ready to learn more about the doubled die error (valuable doubling).  There is really only one type of doubling that is valuable and that is the doubled die error.  The doubled die error can come in many shapes and forms.  This error can occur on any coin, but the error does not occur when the coin is pressed (or minted).   The doubled die error happens when the die is made.  Sometimes it’s called hub doubling because it can occur on a hub or a die.  To read more in depth about the minting process, you should go to doubled die .com.


To better understand the doubled die error, you must learn how the error occurred.  To do this, you should read about the minting process which you can do on another page.  To basically sum up everything, every coin starts out as a coin blank.  The coin blank is stamped by a die, which puts the image on the coin.  The doubled die error is a doubled image on the die which is transferred to the coin blank.  This is why all doubled die error coins will contain the exact same doubled image.  


The doubled die image on the coin is caused in different ways.  For example, the doubling can be caused by the hub not being aligned correctly when it creates the die, or by two different hubs stamping the same die as with the small date over large date errors.  Read a little about each class of double die below.

The 8 Doubled Die Classes



Class I Doubled Die Errors



Class II Doubled Die Errors 



Class III Doubled Die Errors



Class IV Doubled Die Errors



Class V Doubled Die Errors



Class VI Doubled Die Errors



Class VII Doubled Die Errors



Class VIII Doubled Die Errors



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