The Double Denomination Error Coin

The Double Denomination Error Coin


Penny on a dime error double denomination


The double denomination error coin is a favorite error for many collectors.  Part of the reason for this is the price.  Almost any double denomination error coin you can find on eBay, has a price tag of at least $500!  Selling a dime for $500 …That’s some serious profit!  The majority of these double denomination coins sell for thousands!  This motivates people to search for these errors.  

What is the double denomination error coin?

The double denomination error coin is basically just a coin that has been struck twice, by two different coin’s dies.  Take the picture above as an example.  The coin was intended to be a dime and was struck by the dime die…. but after that, it was also struck by the penny die.  Two different dies for two different denominations.  There are many combinations that can occur.  A dime on a penny, a quarter on a dime, a dime on a nickel…. pretty much any combination you can think of!  So always check every coin! 

The double denomination error can come in many different shapes and sizes.  This type of error can occur on any coin from any year.  If you want to get rich off error coins, this is going to be a great coin to look for.  The price of these coins can go really high!  As far as the price goes, the more dramatic the error…. the more expensive the coin will be. 

The price also goes up for larger denomination coins and of course supply and demand.  Learning the basic laws of supply and demand will help you on your journey to get rich off error coins!

If you were to find a half dollar struck on a penny and they were from different years… this would get expensive!  Here is one I saw recently…


A 1970 S Washington Quarter struck on a 1941 silver Canadian Quarter!  You can buy this coin right now for $35,000.00!  Go look at eBay and check it out now!


Go to eBay and check out these double denomination error coins for sale right now!  If you notice, the smaller and less dramatic errors will sell for around $500 – $1000 while the errors that really stand out sell for thousands!  So remember this when pricing your own error coins!  The more dramatic the error, the more you can charge for it!


Remember to check every single coin in your search for error coins!  You never know what kind of error could be laying around your house!  Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great information!  Register for a free account to find out about error coins that you might have in your pocket right now!  You can also go to the forum pages and ask questions about your error coins! All registered members are eligible to receive a free gift of their choice by selecting one from the free gifts page!  Welcome to our numismatic community! 


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