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Valuable Pennies

Valuable Pennies



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Valuable pennies are two words that don’t seem like they should go together.  The penny is the smallest form of currency that the United States produces at the Mint.  So to get these two words together, you might need a whole boat load of pennies before you have any value!  Unless, you are talking about error coins…

An error coin is a coin that was not minted correctly.  An error coin could contain an error in the design, metal composition, or any other feature of the coin.  Some errors like “strike doubling” add no value to a coin.  But other errors like the doubled die or the double denomination, can add tremendous value to any coin!  Therefore, a penny can carry great value, even if it is just a single cent! 

The penny is a favorite coin for many collectors.  There are many different pennies that contain errors, some are worth a few bucks, while others are worth a fortune!  We have compiled a list of valuable pennies to search for when searching through your pocket change.  So here you go….



Valuable Pennies to Look for



  • The 1983 Copper Lincoln Cent – $23,500 

In 1982 the metal composition of the penny was changed from 95% copper to approximately 95% zinc (with copper coating).  This change in the production of the penny leaves room for a transitional error coin.  You can determine what your penny is made from by weighing it on a pair of digital scales.  A copper penny (1982 and older) will weigh 3.1 grams while a zinc penny will weigh 2.5 grams.  So if you find a 1983 penny that weighs 3.1 grams… jackpot! 


This penny is easy to spot because of the doubling on the numbers, as well as the word LIBERTY .  If you find one in excellent condition such as MS-67 or better, you could bring much more than $350!


  • The 1990 No S Proof Lincoln Cent – $6,250

This coin is only found in proof sets ( special collector sets).  All the other coins in the proof set will have a S mint mark, except the penny.  The mint mark was left off this coin on accident.  Because of this, the 1990 no S penny is valued anywhere from $4500 to around $7000!


There are actually several of these Wide AM and Close AM varieties that you should look for, but the 1992 Close AM is by far the most valuable.  One of these 1992 Close AM pennies sold for over $24,000 on eBay!  Talk about valuable pennies!


The Cherrypickers’ Guide that I own actually has this valuable penny with a price of $350, but these coins are becoming more and more popular.  Because of this, the coin’s value is increasing!  There are still plenty of these coins out there, so keep an eye open for the 99 Wide AM!


Valuable pennies can be found almost anywhere!  So make sure to check all your change jars, change buckets, and anywhere else you might find change… because they are out there!  You just have to know what to look for!

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