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Check out these two coins below…

Take a close look at these two coins. One is a regular copper penny with the year 1943 and the other is a new 2023 gold coin. The gold coin is a one-ounce American Eagle straight from the mint. It has a face value of $50, but considering it is made from 22kt gold… it has a value of around $2,770.

Which Coin Would Make You Rich?

If you could have either of these coins FREE… which would you choose?

Most people would go straight for the gold coin. Gold is usually the smart answer because it is a precious metal. Precious metals like gold and silver have been valuable since the beginning of time. If you chose the gold coin, you would walk away smiling from being a couple of thousand bucks richer… not knowing that you just missed out on a whole lot of money!

The gold coin is valued at almost $3,000 because of its 22kt gold metallic composition and weight of 1 ounce…. but the 1943 D copper penny has a value of $1,050,000! Yes, you read that correctly! The 1943 Copper Penny has a value of over 1 million dollars! This exact coin has already sold at an online auction in the past for $840,000… Don’t believe me? … Go to Heritage Auctions and view the auction HERE!


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What makes a coin valuable?

Usually, a one-ounce gold coin is much more valuable than a copper penny. Everyone knows that gold is more valuable than copper… But there are times when a coin can have a secret value that most don’t know about! You can learn all about these secret values here at Rich Off Error Coins!


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The 1943 D copper penny is just one of many valuable coins you will learn about here! This site is full of information about error coins and varieties that could make you a millionaire overnight! But before you can find these coins… you have to know what to look for! Become a member and start learning today!

Everyone wants to find the 1943 copper penny or the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel because they are valued at millions of dollars! But the chance of finding one of these coins is almost impossible. However, there are other valuable coins that you are much more likely to find… such as the 1992 CAM Penny or the 1990 No S Proof Penny. Members of the website will learn which coins are easily found and which are not!

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