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Rich Off Error Coins is a website devoted to spreading information to the world. Our goal is to inform as many people as we can about error coins. We also want the world to know how much money can be made with these little misfit coins we love so much!

If you are new to the field of error coins, then we are here to help! This is the perfect website for you to call home! The site is full of information about different error coins and ways to make money with error coins.

If you are already an expert in the error coin field, then don’t run away just yet! This site is also perfect for you! We need our fellow numismatists to help spread positive information to the newbies. I know many of you don’t want to just give away information. I have heard many experts say, “Well I had to read and learn it, so they should too!” And I see your point. But did you know that bringing new members in to the game will actually increase the value of your coins? It’s true!

So no matter if you are an expert numismatist or you have no idea what an error coin is… this is the perfect website for you! Navigate through the site and check out all our information! One of the greatest parts of the site is the forum pages where you can interact with other members of the website and ask questions about your coins. But in order to access the entire website, you must become a member! At the moment, you can join Rich Off Error Coins as a new member for no fee at all! That’s right! SIGN UP FOR A FREE MEMBERSHIP TODAY BY CLICKING HERE!

Our website actually crashed and has been down for some time now, however, we are in the rebuilding process. So please be patient because I am the sole writer/publisher/editor/coder and whatever else I need to be in order to build this website. There is one other member of the team but he is in training at the moment, so we might be a little slow rebuilding the website, but I promise, it will be back up and full of information very soon!

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