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1980 Doubled Die Penny

Today we are going to examine the 1980 Doubled Die Penny! This is one of my favorite varieties to search for. Be sure to like and share us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the other social sites. Sign up for a free membership to take advantage of the free coin appraisal we offer to members!

1980 doubled die penny created by AI

There are a lot of people who believe a penny can't possibly be worth money unless it is old. This is not the case. The 1980 DDO Penny is proof!

What is a Doubled Die Error?

Just as the name sounds, a doubled die is a coin with a doubled image. You must understand the minting process before you can start identifying errors such as the doubled die. Check out our page on the minting process to learn more!

Many think a doubled die is created from a coin being struck twice; however, this is incorrect. A doubled die is created when a die has a doubled image on it. That die is used to produce multiple coins, therefore, every one of those coins created will have the exact doubled image. This coin with the erroneous image is called a doubled die error.

This is important to remember because the 1980 doubled die penny will have the same doubled image as the picture. If the doubled image looks different, chances are it's not the valuable DDO. (or Doubled Die Obverse)

1980 doubled die penny

What Does the 1980 Doubled Die Penny Look Like?

The 1980 doubled die penny is a pretty strong DDO. The date and "LIBERTY" are the two locations you should pay attention to when trying to identify this variety. Each numeral in the date is strongly doubled as well as each letter in "LIBERTY."

The Cherrypickers' Guide also says that early die-state specimens exhibit heavy die polish on the reverse side just below the memorial.

Look closely at the date and you can see the separation of the numbers. The doubled image will be raised just like in the picture.

1980 doubled die penny with marks showing doubling

The doubled image is strong enough to see without magnification, however, it is extremely evident once you view the coin through a loupe or magnifying glass.

How Much is the 1980 Doubled Die Penny Worth?

As with any coin, the value can fluctuate tremendously based on condition. A coin is always worth more when it has been graded by one of the well-known grading companies as well.

The Cherrypickers' Guide lists the 1980 doubled die penny with 4 different values depending on grade.

Values for MS-60 and MS-63 are for RB coins and the values for MS-65 are for full red.

In August of 2018, a 1980 doubled die penny was sold on eBay for $500. The coin was graded MS-65 RD by NGC.

There seems to have not been any 1980 doubled die varieties graded higher than MS-65 to date. So, finding one in an almost perfect state could land you some serious cash!

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