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What are Error Coins?

You might be wondering, “What are error coins?” Just as the name sounds, they are faulty coins. The United States Mint produces millions of coins annually, most of which are manufactured perfectly. However, sometimes defective coins are accidentally created. 99% of these erroneous coins are caught during inspection and destroyed. But now and then… one will slip through and make it into circulation. Error coins are rare, and because of this, many are extremely valuable…

Is Every Messed Up Coin a Valuable Error Coin?

The answer is no… not every defective or messed up-looking coin is valuable.  This is the biggest misconception I see all the time.  Someone will find a coin that looks different in one way or another and they think they have hit the jackpot.  It would be awesome if this was the case, but it’s not.  Many different situations can cause a coin to look a little different.  This is why you need to research and study the many different types of errors that can occur… or ask someone knowledgeable in the field of numismatics.

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Learn the Difference Between Valuable and Non-Valuable Error Coins

Yes… there are valuable errors as well as non-valuable errors, that can occur during the minting process. It is extremely important that you learn to distinguish between these two.

This website is devoted to sharing information about error coins and varieties to everyone! There is a good chance that you have a couple in a change jar right now! But in order to find these coins… you first need to know what to look for. Rich Off Error Coins will help you to correctly identify and sell your valuable errors.

Other Great Sources to Learn about Error Coins and Varieties…

There are a couple books that you must have if you want to successfully find errors. The first is called “The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins” This is the book that ALL coin stores use as a reference and price guide when buying or selling valuable errors.

The newest edition of this book is expensive, but it is full of important information for collectors. You can get a previous edition of the book on Ebay a little cheaper by clicking here. The Sixth Edition is the newest one out right now with Volume I containing pennies and nickels and Volume II containing dimes and quarters.

Another great book is The Red Book. This is another must have for collectors. You can find this book on ebay or almost anywhere books are sold! This book is much less expensive than the Cherrypickers’ Guide.

If you are planning on collecting error coins and varieties, these books will help you tremendously!

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