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books for coin collectors

Books for Coin Collectors: The Cherrypickers’ Guide

Welcome to Rich Off Error Coins! Here you can learn ways to turn your spare change into thousands of dollars! The trick to this is… you have to know which change is valuable, and which is not. This article will explain how you can determine the value of your coins with only a couple of […]

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1980 doubled die penny with marks showing doubling

1980 Doubled Die Penny

Today we are going to examine the 1980 Doubled Die Penny! This is one of my favorite varieties to search for. Be sure to like and share us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the other social sites. Sign up for a free membership to take advantage of the free coin appraisal we offer

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most valuable pennies pennies with magnify glass

Discovering Treasure: The Most Valuable Pennies Worth Searching For

Are you a numismatist, a hobbyist, or simply curious about the value hidden in plain sight within your coin collection? The term “most valuable pennies” might evoke images of dusty old coins found in an attic, but the reality is far more exciting. In this article, we delve into the world of penny collecting to

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several people inspecting coins worth money

Coins Worth Money

Coins Worth Money: A Treasure Trove of Value and History The world of coin collecting is fascinating, rich with history, and often, surprisingly lucrative. This article delves into the realm of coins that hold significant monetary value, providing insights into what makes certain coins worth much more money than their face value. What Makes a

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1992 close am penny transitional error AI generated image of a penny

1992 Close AM Penny

Learn to transform the change in your pocket… into dollars in your wallet! If you are looking for information about the 1992 Close AM Penny, you have come to the right place! This post will tell you everything you need to know about this highly desired variety. Be sure to check out the rest of

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what are error coins magnifying glass over coins

What are Error Coins?

You might be wondering, “What are error coins?” Just as the name sounds, they are faulty coins. The United States Mint produces millions of coins annually, most of which are manufactured perfectly. However, sometimes defective coins are accidentally created. 99% of these erroneous coins are caught during inspection and destroyed. But now and then… one

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